Probiotics can come in many forms and we tried one, Amasai, from the company, Beyond Organic, which is really deliciously different! Amasai is a cultured dairy beverage, much like a liquid yogurt, made from whole milk from grass fed cows that graze on grasses and greens of certified organic pastures in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. It is cultured with over 30 probiotics, naturally, which enhances the digestibility of the dairy product. The richness from the whole milk is addicting and the flavors are yummy. There is raspberry (my favorite), milk and honey and plain. They come in a six-pack of 16 oz. bottles. Each 8 oz. serving has 160-180 calories which is not too much since it is so satisfying that one serving is enough. We put it on granola and oatmeal for a totally nourishing and simple meal that everyone in the family loves.
We can’t recommend this enough. You must go through their distributors to purchase it. The link is below. You will also see some of their other organic great products, which we will review at a later date.
Please use this link for the Amasai –

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