Elizabeth’s Organic Restaurant

I get excited when I find a new organic restaurant that has great food! It was fun to stumble across this Cape Cod Style restaurant outside of an Upper West Side building in New York (Columbus and 93rd). It is charming and inviting so my husband and I decided to go in for a Saturday brunch. Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table is decorated like a Cape Cod restaurant would be, with wainscoting and bright colors inside. It is a wonderful, cheerful atmosphere. The menu has American favorites cooked with fresh, locally grown produce. Most of the ingredients are organic and all are the most natural and whole food they can find. As in many organic restaurants there are few things that might be considered natural instead of organic. The owners are committed to the best food made to meet your need forĀ great and comfortable food.

My veggie burger was the best I have ever had. The burger was filled with fresh vegetables and topped with avocado and bean sprouts. It was served on whole wheat bread with a salad on the side. My husband had blueberry pancakes that were delicious. They were served with real maple syrup. Nothing was left behind!

The food is served beautifully and the waiters are polite and attentive. The menu is varied and they have wines and beers to accompany your meal, if you like. The prices are reasonable and you feel that you are getting a wonderful value with this healthy and charming organic restaurant choice. It is worth the trip not only because of the organic food, but also because of the ambiance.

This definitely gets a TAG for our seal of approval for an organic restaurant and for being a place we highly recommend!

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