Foods for Beauty

Egg On My Hair

Have you ever tried to put egg on your face, or egg on your hair? Years ago there were many things that we used to help us look more beautiful. There were foods for beauty that were passed down from mother to daughter. This was before we were over marketed by large brands that used chemicals to promise the same thing. Why don’t we use more natural ways to be beautiful? It costs less and is better for you as well!

Today I read that putting egg yolk on your hair helps with the strength and shine is good for your hair. The yolk of an egg is rich in fats and proteins. The egg white is filled with bacteria eating enzymes. The egg is one of the simplest foods to purchase and eat and it also is one of the best foods for beauty,.

With it being the start of a New Year, I want to put some extra effort into using food products to make my hair shine, my face glow and my body smooth. So I opened my refrigerator and cracked 3 eggs. After separating them I went to take a shower and washed my hair with my natural, no chemical shampoo. Then I used the egg yolks to make a rinse for my hair. It is “Egg on my hair” as I call it. It was goopy but not bad. I let it sit on my hair for 30 minutes and then rinsed it off. There was a wonderful shine on my hair that looks like I had a professional treatment put on my hair that I can pay $20 for at my hairdresser. This food for beauty cost me pennies.

Egg On My Face

Next, I lathered the white of the egg on my face and put them on my face. This is one of the best natural treatments I have ever used. This was not new to me, I have done this before, and I have to say, it is remarkable. Your pores are tightened and the wrinkles disappear for a bit. It is a fantastic facemask that everyone should try. It is good for normal, dry or oily skin and affective for anyone.

Both rinse off without too much trouble. I used cold water for both. That is what is recommended. It says using hot water on the egg yolk will cook it. Not what I want!
There is more egg white left over and I think I will do this treatment for a couple more days just not to waste the egg whites.

The reason that these are good for you is that when I use egg on my face, the pores absorb the vitamins as well as adding the benefit of the bacteria eating enzymes. The egg yolk also has vitamins for your hair that can be depleted with all of the color or heat processes that go into the hair styling. So the food that is good to eat is also food for beauty.

These easy things can be done with your children for an at home spa day. It will teach them how to take good care of themselves and steer them away from chemical based beauty products. For all of us, it is a learning process that we must work on to eliminate chemicals that my cause our immune systems to be weak and ultimately invite illness. Use your refrigerator to find your own foods for beauty.


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