Inner Peace in 2013

Welcome to the New Year 2013! Enter 2013 with lessons learned from 2012 and take those lessons and turn them into your inner peace for the New Year. It has been a confusing and complex year with so many challenging things happening throughout the year both emotionally and economically. This year try to make your life less complex and much simpler and you will fine it will be more rewarding. Inner peace is derived from how we approach our lives.

How to Find The Peace

1. Be grateful for what you do have in your life. This simple attitude will cost nothing yet brings so much happiness. We never know how long we will have these things to enjoy, so embrace them now.

2. Look for the best in your friends and family. This becomes a good habit. It brings great peace and satisfaction.

3. Give a word of encouragement to everyone around you and see happy smiles span their faces. It is easy to do and you bring great joy to others.

4. Eliminate the junk food in your life. You will not only feel better, you will save money. Send that to a charity.

5. Do a random act of kindness every day. Get in the habit of doing kind things for others. You will feel so good about it. It is better than the excitement of most things you can do.

6. Write your thoughts down for your children as they grow. Did you have a baby book for your child? Do they look at it now? How nice would it be to do that throughout their life so they remember the special moments throughout their entire life?

7. Get eight hours of sleep. You will feel your best and will be able to do your random acts of kindness.

8. Pray every day. Pray for strength, pray for your family, pray for the sick, pray for the poor. We are part of a community that we care about, as they care about us. Get in the habit of it. Don’t wait until a crisis.

9. Get to know your children’s teachers. Work with them to enable your child to have a really great education. They may be the biggest influence in their life, aside from you!

10. Save money when you can, for security. Always have a little cash on hand for that rainy day.

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