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Natural beauty products that will enhance and improve your entire body, while building good cells.

  • Organic Hemp Body Care

    Organic Hemp is a durable and sustainable product that is the main ingredient in the Wholly Hemp Organic Lip Balm that we tried at   This organic hemp comes from the hemp seed oil which in known to rejuvenate and hydrate skin. It is combined with beeswax for protection from the elements as well as moisturizing coconut oil and sunflower oil. The benefits Wholly Hemp’s  organic hemp lip balm  are substantial when looking for the best protection for your lips. It is moist, protective and is made from completely sustainable ingredients.

  • Toxic Chemicals In Jewelry

    I never knew this, and therefore, I want to share it with you. Did you know that there may be Toxic Chemicals in jewelry that you wear and that you child wears. This new information can help prevent dangerous chemicals from affecting your child.  Most children love costume jewelry, however, the pieces of jewelry that Continue Reading

  • Natural Essential Oil Sprays

    Fragrances made from essential oils can enhance and elevate your emotions and when combined together, they are like a natural homeopathic medicine to bring enhancement to your life.

  • What Are Perfume Ingredients

    Many years ago scents were made with all natural ingredients from essential oils which was blended with a base and then mixed with alcohol. Recently perfume companies have been able to synthesize scents with chemicals that mimic the fragrance of essential oils. These fragrances are less expensive to use and therefore are very common. They are then added to a base that is made of chemicals made from petroleum.

  • Beyond Organic Skin Care

    Beyond Organic Skincare has a wonderful detoxifying cleanser that is just that; detoxifying and organic skin care. The lemon and eucalyptus essential oils are combined with soothing ingredients of burdock and yarrow. Burdock restores skin tone and smoothness, while yarrow is deep cleansing, healing and firming. Comfrey promotes tissue repair, creates astringency and reduces inflammation.

  • Why Should I Use Organic Cosmetics

    You may be curious as to whether organic cosmetics are as good or better than the products with the most modern chemicals advertised by the large cosmetic companies. You may ask yourself, “Why Should I Use Organic Cosmetics?” Perhaps you have been cautious in trying organic cosmetics, but they may be the perfect choice for you. Many women are gradually moving over to the organic products because of the sensitivity of their skin.

  • SLOWCOLOR Fairtrade Clothes

    SLOWCOLOR clothes the world in beauty, health and responsibility. When we saw how beautiful the scarves and throws were, it was double pleasure to hear that they are also part of a Fair-trade community.

  • Ebb and Flow Heavenly Soaps

    Ebb and Flow of New York City creates heavenly soaps and candles with scents that will take you away into another world. You won’t want to unwrap the beautiful gift soap packaging, BUT DO!

  • Essential Oil Eye Pillows

    Essential Oil Eye Pillows, made by The Pillow Source, are made with 100% silk Carmeuse, which is the highest grade and softest silk known. On the inside is filled with organic flax seed and pure essential oils. Each is formulated with pure oils, derived from plants and flowers from around the world. The fragrances in the pillows have shown to bring clarity of thought, uplifted moods, passion and improved sleep. Each pillow is in a specially designed box to keep them fresh.

  • Anti-Aging Serum from Botanic Oil

    The ingredients in Botanic Oil are top notch, with all certified organic oils produced using Immuno-Viva’s NatureFRESH Cold Pressâ„¢ process, which ensures all of the healthy natural constituents in each oil are extracted and preserved.

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