Indochine Natural is a product from Malaysia and founded in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, during 2006 by Ms. Le Thanh Thuy (a Vietnamese fashion designer) and Dr. Mike Thair (an Australian scientist) who both have a passion for handmade natural body care and home products produced under Fair Trade conditions. All of these products are natural and recycled. The company provides opportunities for economic independence for intellectually disabled people.
This Natural Cleaning Liquid is produced from recycled palm oil, which goes through a process that saponifies the oil to produce a liquid soap. Although it may sound unusual, the liquid soap has a fresh smell that comes from basil and lemongrass. It is a clear liquid that is concentrated. It has no chemical additives or synthetics. It is biodegradable.
We tried this Natural Cleaning Liquid soap on marble, granite, painted surfaces as well as stainless steel. It was easy to use and cleaned very well. It was safe on the marble and granite. All of the ways we used the product were successful and we were pleased it did not leave a residue. The product is economical and also benefits the environment and a disabled population. The combination of these assets is a strong reason to try this product.
While this Natural Cleaning Liquid is an all-natural and eco-friendly choice of cleaners for dishes, pots and pan, floor, walls and tiles, it is also known as a wonderful dog shampoo. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable without any harmful chemicals or bleach.
You can find out more about Indochine Natural from their website and can purchase some of their products in the United States at

It does win our Seal of Excellence!

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