Organic Skincare

Onurth is a small company based in the Hudson Valley of New York that makes small batches of pure organic skincare for the face, body and bath. I came across the Onurth Organic Skincare booth in New York City in the Bryant Park Christmas Festival. They were among about one hundred booths with entrepreneurs promoting new and wonderful products.

I have come to love using organic skincare serums on my face. I think organic serums do a fabulous job in delivering the organic herbs and vitamins to your skin, which is your largest organ. I am always looking for special new organic skincare products that I can write about and promote to our readers. That day I purchased two items to try from Onurth. One item was a bottle of their skin serum for mature skin.

Organic Face Serum

Among all of the organic products Onurth had on display that day, I chose the Organic Facial Treatment Serum Mature Formula. It comes in a 1 bottle with a dropper. You use only a couple of drops and it is extremely affective in making your face moist with a light feel. It absorbs very well into the skin. This skin serum is made with a blend of uplifting plant oils that brighten the complexion, promote skin renewal and smooth fine lines. With no unnatural chemicals, this balancing serum leaves sun damaged skin with a healthy and youthful glow!

Onurth’s Facial Serum Collection has been meticulously developed by their experienced esthetician to serve as healing moisturizers for the treatment of specific skin types while balancing natural oils and nourishing the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Cold Pressed Oils of Macadamia Nut and
Hazelnut, Organic Essential Oils of Egyptian Rose Geranium
Clary Sage and High Altitude Lavender.

The other product I purchased that day was their Organic Herbal Bath Salts. They are lovely to look at with the clear crystals of salt and lavender mixed together. They are calming and relaxing. They relieve the muscles and induce wonderful sleep. The bottle comes with a small bag for the bath salts that you float in your bath water.

I will look forward to trying more of these products as they are effective, made from the purest ingredients.

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