Grounded is a charming organic coffee house on one of my favorite streets of the West Village in New York City, Jane Street. It is quietly nestled between townhouses. As you walk down to 28 Jane, you are aware of it only by the green awning and a little “open” sign resting outside the door. I found the organic coffee house on line and decided to stop in for a visit since I was writing an article about the benefits of organic coffee. Inside were chalkboards with the organic coffee offerings as well as the biscuits and muffins they offered.
I decided to go for the coffee of the day along with a raisin walnut muffin. There were small tables and chairs as well as a couple of sofas with coffee tables. The New York Times was strewn across the coffee table. Mugs and plates were scattered on the tables, some with tea, others with cappuccinos. I made myself comfortable on a sofa and sunk in as I drank my coffee. It was delicious. There was no bitterness and there was a smoothness that not found in most coffees. The raisin-walnut muffin was extremely satisfying.
Others had been enjoying the atmosphere so much that they seemed to take it as their own home. Not only was the atmosphere great, but they obviously appreciated the fact that it was an organic hang out. When I got up to leave someone who worked there announced, “Anyone who has been here for over one and a half hours, please leave and make room for others.” It is obviously a neighborhood hit!

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