PeopleTowels are the newest eco-premium and an environmentally-friendly, on-the-go alternative to paper towels to save trees and reduce waste.. As a society we went from handkerchiefs to Kleenex and paper towels, and then came PeopleTowels.

The cloths are made of 100% organic cotton, with eco-friendly dyes to make the patterns. They are a convenient size of 9×9 inches. You can customize and order your own pattern by sending a photo, drawing or logo of your choice. There are no minimums.

PeopleTowels are great for pet lovers, moms with babies and children. They are practical for taking to work and to keep in your glove department. FUN! Hang one on your child’s lunchbox, keep one in your pocketbook and tuck another into a diaper bag!

Just think of the possibilities you can do with customization of PeopleTowels:

Baby Shower gifts
School Events
Your child’s art
Commemorative events
Your dog photo

PeopleTowels offer:
High quality, full color printing
No minimums
No set up fees

You can find them in many stores and on their site: