Prevention of Cell Phone Radio Frequency

We all love our cell phones and feel we could not live without them. But in reality there has been much controversy over the amount of cell phone radio frequency that we receive and absorb through our cell phone use. I, for one, am skeptical of the people who say this is not affecting our health. Why risk the danger of headaches, fatigue and even potential brain tumors?

The Bodywell Chip

The Bodywell Chip is a new product that offers prevention from cell phone radio frequency. The researchers behind The Bodywell Chip studied how cell phone radio frequency is absorbed into the body. We know that information between the brain and nervous system can be disrupted by electromagnetic waves (EMF) from cell phones. You can not prevent all of the EMF from phones so they developed a different method to change this effect from the use of cell phones. The discovery behind The Bodywell Chip is that certain minerals and metals generate frequencies that naturally counter the cell phone radio frequency or EMF. This lowers the amount of radiation that is absorbed by the cell phone user without changing the signal of the phone. They took their research and developed a tiny chip called MobileTeck™. Seven years of research and three years of testing went into the product to be sure it is helpful in reducing the radio frequency of phones.

Cell Phone SAR Research

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rates phones for the level of cell phone radio frequency on every model to determine the radio frequency (FC) or the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). According to the FCC, SAR values are an important tool in judging the maximum possible exposure to RF energy from a particular model of cell phone. The most recent study with the use of the Bodywell Chip use shows the SAR was lowered by over 65% on the iPhone 5 and 80% on the Galaxy S3 with no effect on the cell phone reception. While this is not the only factor in determining the safety of cellphones, but it is a significant measured factor.

Although the American Cancer society does say there is no conclusive research that proves that the EMF from cell phones do cause brain tumors, they agree that as cell phone use increases these studies may prove different. They also admit that the reports on which they base their findings are not as scientifically accurate as they could be in the future. After another 20 years of cell phone use we may have a better idea of what the consequences are in long term use.

The National Cancer Institute also has information about the effects of the radio frequency on cancer in the brain. In Sweden there did seem to be a correlation between children who started to use cell phones before the age of 20. They report that the evidence that cell phone use and potential damage from radio-frequency is inconclusive, but once again, admit it is too early to draw any conclusions.

One interesting thing that is known about the use of cell phones and radio frequency is that the level of radio frequency is higher near the antenna which is inside the phone and near the ear piece. Therefore it is good to hold the phone away from your ear or use earphones when making long calls or if you use your phone frequently.

A Solution to Cell Phone Radio Frequency

The Bodywell Chip is a small product that is put on your phone and without any difference in the cell strength or look, you have a protection from something that could potentially affect your health. Using common sense, it seems this is a simple solution to a problem that may be of significance to you and your family’s well-being. The Bodywell Chip is an inexpensive insurance on your cell phone use and health.

Presently the Bodywell Chip is offered at $29.95 and can be ordered on Amazon. You can read more about the studies on the company’s website.

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