Pure Natural Cosmetics arrived to us all the way from The Netherlands, where Nirit Yogen has put together her formulas for moms and babies with some of the best ingredients we have found.
As Nirit says, “When I started to learn about the ingredients in the traditional cosmetics and how much harm they can cause I very quickly found my way to the natural-bio cosmetics.”
Starting at the pregnancy stage Nirit has developed vitamin E and Grape seed oil that has Bergamot, Palma Rosa, Sandalwood and Chamomile. It is a perfect healer for itches and rashes. The scent is heavenly and all of the ingredients work together for natural healing. Our testers tried the post-natal products for stretch marks and cracked nipples and found them to be natural soothers for those post-natal months. She has also developed beauty products that will nourish while beautifying you.

Nirit has a wealth of information on her site, www.Purecosmetics.info. There are lovely recipes to treat yourself to a healthy facial. She has other information about why we want to go organic and stay away from chemicals in our cosmetics.