TAG Excellence square 2Sans Skin Care Natural Beauty Products

San’s Skin Care is a company that not only makes pure, natural beauty products for your skin, but also has wonderful packaging that makes you excited to open the products. They use natural ingredients and real fragrances in all of their products. This company is on the top of our list for the TAG Seal of Excellence because of their special care in making healthy products. We are sent a few items to review and among all of the natural beauty products we are sent these were on the top of our list of favorites. When a company also goes to the trouble to make a product that is beautifully packaged, it is an added pleasure. With clean and beautiful design, each product is enhanced with a little green leaf as you open the package, reminding you of the freshness of each product.

San’s Moisturizing Body Squares were the first product we reveiwed and it is a favorite! The small squares are a real body scrub in the shape of a little cookie. They look like they have sugar on top and they really buff up your tired skin with a combination of great stuff like palm oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Pure Cane Sugar and other good things such as Vitamin E and Beeswax. After using one of the Moisturizing Body Squares your skin is smooth and moisturized. All of the tired cells disappear and the new skin is lovely and soft. They scrub you skin to a smooth polish with natural ingredients. This natural beauty product is totally chemical free. One of the reasons we are so impressed with the Sans Scrub Squares is because they are made to order so that batches are small and very fresh. Each product is made only after the order arrives. These products are not sitting around from months. They are made with fresh ingredients and are as fresh as if you made them yourself. When they say they are natural beauty products, they mean it.

It is important to use chemical free products on your skin. Everything that is put on our skin absorbs into our body, travels through our blood system and affects our well-being because it ends up in our cells. Therefore, whatever we put on our skin ends up in our cells. Our cells need healthy chemical free products with the best ingredients so that we grow good new cells. Think of how you choose your body products in a similar way to how you choose the food you eat. That means you should not use products with Parabans, Phythalates or Sufates. Stay away from synthetic dyes and fragrances. These are not good for your body. Use chemical free products like the products that San’s Skin Care makes for beautiful, healthy skin.