One of the most important issues for me in choosing good food and drink is to have a quality organic beverage that does not have too many calories. Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade is for me! I often drink water, but sometimes I like more flavor. That is when I enjoy a delicious beverage such as Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade. We found it at one of our favorite spots, Earthly Delights, in Osterville, Massechusetts. Tom and Mary run a wonderful organic eatery with everything home made from salads to vegetable dishes to meats. They have new products from time to time and today I tried the Santa Cruz Organic Raspberry Lemonade. The sparkling filtered water and organic juices and purees made a light and delicious drink. It is sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and so there is a slightly sweet taste. There are 100 calories in a 10 oz can. This is an all good calorie drink that you can give to your children too.

This product is made by the JM Smucker Company and they are supporters of the organic labeling regulations. This Santa Cruz Organic Beverage can be found in many organic stores and health food shops. It is listed as being available at Whole Foods as well. You can check out their website at

So try this wonderful, refreshing drink and add it to your list when you shop for your children. This wins our Seal of Excellence for taste, quality and value.

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