Tagua Nut Carvings From Ecuador

When I saw the beautiful, finely carved animals at the New York Gift Show, I had to stop to admire them. They were done so finely and I thought they were ivory when, in fact, they come from a palm species tree, Phytelephas aequatorialis, that is native to Ecuador in South America. I wanted to purchase some immediately for myself and for gifts. They are very special and come with a special story that empowers all of us.
ProPueblo was founded in 1992, as a private non-profit organization working with the Ecuadorian coastal communities on the western slopes of the Chongon Colonche mountain range. Pro Pueblo focuses on raising living standards and improving basic infrastructure to the families of Ecuador. They provide, job training, employment and new sources of income for poor families in these small communities.
Mothers work from their homes carving these perfect pieces in order to provide income for their family. The seeds are carved into the most amazing animals, from birds to fish to dogs. The catalog is very complete with so many choices of animals and other wonderful designs. You can order from ProPuebio directly. They are very reasonably priced and would make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift, Easter Gift or house present.
Purchase these carvings to help the mothers who carve them and to surprise your family and friends with a unique gift that will last forever.

www.propueblo.org    or to call directly @ 404-909-8176.