Vermont Soap makes many products that are made with 100% pure organic oils. We tried the Tea Tree Mint Foaming Soap. The smell of mint and lavender was relaxing, yet fresh. The ingredients on this organic soap are, of course, very natural and pure. They start with Saponified organic coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Then they add glycerin and aloe vera as well as organic rosemary extract, lavender and natural mint tea tree oils. The combination in this foaming organic soap makes your skin soft and best of all, you are not using anything toxic! You clean all of the germs away with the best organic ingredients.

The foam was a lovely addition to the excellent product and we loved the size of the container as well. You can purchase refills so that makes it economical too. You and your kids will love both the fresh scent and the foam. It makes cleaning your hands fun.

This Vermont Organic Soap Foaming Soap is Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. It wins our Seal of Approval!

You can find this product and all of their organic products on their website

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