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Vermont Soap Organic Moisturizer

Vermont Soap makes so many wonderful products that are organic and deliver results, as promised. We reviewed their honey organic moisturizer and loved it! The Vermont Soap herbal organic moisturizer is called Green Gold. It is a certified organic moisturizer that really works.

Green Gold Organic Herbal Moisturizer is green (in color I mean) and it is “green” in how it is made and treats your skin. The 100% organic plant based ingredients build your skin cells while moisturizing your skin with a base of shea butter. This organic moisturizer comes from years of research done by The Vermont Soap Company.

Enhanced shea butter with essential fatty acids from organic hemp seed oil are infused with healing herbs of Calendula, St Johns Wort and Rosemary. It is so green and organic that it needs to be refrigerated! This organic moisturizer is USDA certified that it is free from toxins as well as safe and natural. It is everything you want to keep your skin pure.

We give the Vermont Soap Company our “Seal of Approval” with this great organic moisturizer. Believe us and go to their website and try this Green Gold Organic Herbal Moisturizer.

Vermont Soap produces USDA Approved, Certified Organic alternatives to the chemical and detergent based personal care products now in general use. They make handmade cold process bar soaps for sensitive skin, anti-aging products, the first truly organic shower gels, numerous organic nontoxic cleaners and much more. This organic moisturizer has many wonderful companion products to try as well.

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