What Do The Stickers On Our Produce Mean?
Controversy about genetically modified fruits and vegetables is growing. What we eat and where it comes from has brought us a nice little fruit and vegetable sticker on our produce. Now what do the stickers on our produce mean? Are they good for us? Should I care?
Yes, you should care and here is a bit of information to help you. The stickers carry a wealth of information for you, and it is not a UPC code, but a PLU code. By knowing what the numbers mean you can tell if the product was genetically modified, produced with chemicals and pesticides or organically grown.
1. If you are looking for produce that was grown organically and is not genetically modified the PLC number on the sticker will have 5 numbers beginning with a “9”.
2. If you don’t care about genetically modified produce you will find a 5 number PLU code begins with an “8”. Be aware that genetically modified fruits and vegetables can be called organic if they are grown from genetically modified seeds! These are in this category.
3. If the vegetable or fruit has 4 numbers in the PLU sticker, this means that it was grown with the use of pesticides. This is what is often categorized as traditional growing.
The Environmental Working Group has put a list together of fruit and vegetables listing which have the least to the most pesticides. This will help you make your choices when you shop. http://www.foodnews.org/fulllist.php
You should be aware of the terms related to fruit stickers as well as genetically modified fruits and vegetables in order to make good choices.

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